Thursday, April 29, 2010

Important Change in OverDrive (WPLC) Lending periods!

OverDrive Collection Lending Periods Change on May 1, 2010
Effective May 1st, patrons will have new options available for their lending periods. Patrons will be able to set their own default lending period on a format-by-format basis. However, if the patron does not set any lending period, the systemwide default for all formats will continue to be 7 days.

The patron will have the following options:
  • Lending period options for Adobe EPUB eBooks, Adobe PDF eBooks, OverDrive WMA Audiobooks, OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks:
    • 7 days
    • 14 days
  • Lending period options for OverDrive WMA Music, OverDrive WMV Video:
    • 3 days
    • 5 days
    • 7 days
    • 14 days
 Additionally, at the time of checkout, a patron can select a lending period on a title-by-title basis.  Both the Help section on the WPLC OverDrive website and the WPLC Digital Book Center FAQ found at: will be updated with information on this feature on May 1st.

This does not change the fact that most materials cannot be returned early. Only Adobe? eBooks may be returned early, and instructions for doing so are available in the Help section of the WPLC OverDrive website.

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