Wednesday, December 1, 2010

iPad Beating Kindle This Holiday Season

iPad Beating Kindle This Holiday Season, Says Survey

The results of a survey on holiday electronics spending conducted by ChangeWave Research are bustling around the Internet this morning. In August, ChangeWave asked 2,800 people about the electronics they owned or planned to buy; in terms of e-readers, the survey found that while more people owned Kindles than iPads, the iPad’s share of the market is growing, while the Kindle’s is diminishing, and iPad users are happier overall with their device than Kindle users.

In it summary of the survey, MSNBC notes that:

Since ChangeWave last asked consumers about e-readers in August, Amazon’s Kindle “is hanging on to a rapidly diminishing lead (47 percent, down 15 points) over the Apple iPad (32 percent; up 16 points) among current e-reader owners. However, the iPad’s share of the overall market has doubled” since that August survey, the company says.

One annoying thing MSNBC points out is that Kindle owners are more likely to read books on their devices while iPad owners are more likely to read periodicals and blogs, which the site attributes to the fact that Amazon has many, many more books in the Kindle stores than Apple does in the iBookstore. This reasoning doesn’t make sense because iPad owners have access to the e-bookstores from Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and anyone else with an iPad app.

(PW Weekly Report, by Craig Morgan Teicher -- December 1st, 2010)

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  1. This is like comparing the number of people who ride bikes to the number of people who drive cars... the iPad isn't an "e-reader" any more than a netbook is... it just happens to have a more "hand-held" design.