Monday, June 13, 2011

BadgerLearn - A Collaborative Learning Space

BadgerLearn is a joint project under active development by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning (RL&LL), Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS) and the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (WPLC). Our immediate vision is to be a place where librarians can discover & access resources of professional value. Some examples of the resources you'll currently find here include:

•Streaming tutorials about OverDrive e-book use
•Archived BadgerLunch webinars
•Streaming tutorials about Adobe Digital Editions
•Tutorials for productivity tools such as MS Word and Excel

BadgerLearn's ultimate vision is to be a sort of co-op where library staff can use existing resources and share new resources they develop with the greater community. By reducing the need to re-invent the wheel, librarians can spend more time doing what we do best: serving our users.

BadgerLearn continues to evolve. We've made some pretty major changes of the past weeks & we'd like to share just a few of them with you:
  • An introduction/tutorial video is now available on front page. This video describes some of the key search, browse, and user features.
  • The color scheme has changed to a more neutral palette. We'd love to know what you think!
  • You can now create a profile on BadgerLearn. Creating a profile allows you to access an ability to rate resources, and to post on forums (that's right, forums are coming too!).
  • Resource ratings. Users now have the opportunity to rate resources they encounter. The ratings you assign to resources are then used to suggest other resources you may be interested in whenever you click the "get recommendations" link in the navigation bar.
  • Lastly, the team is in the process of setting up forums, so that discussions can take place about training materials, as well as provide a venue for open discussion about BadgerLearn itself.
We've developed a survey. Feedback from this survey will help us to steer our ongoing development efforts, and we'd love it if you'd be willing to help us by taking it.

Thanks for all you've done to help us so far. Your feedback has been invaluable & we've high hopes for the future.
-The BadgerLearn project team.

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