Monday, June 25, 2012

How Many Checkouts Does the Wisconsin Digital Library Have?

I know many of you receive the OverDrive posts like the one below (if not, the link is here:, and you might be wondering, like me, how many checkouts does the Wisconsin Digital Library have?

As of today, 6/25/2012, the WPLC had:

Checkouts: 1,769,860 since 2005. There were 36,607 current checkouts when the report was pulled.

This is 1.7% of OverDrive's total of 100,000,000 since they started in 2003.

We're consistently getting 89,000 checkouts per month, and might hit 90,000 this month, so we should see 2,000,000 checkouts sometime around the first part of September breaking it down:

Audiobook: 1,139,028 (Current: 8,874)

 eBook: 598,428 (Current: 27,649)-- which includes both Kindle and EPUB, and PDF

 Music: 13,775 (Current: 35): not actively collecting

 Video: 18,629 (Current: 49): not actively collectimg

(Jane Richards, WILS/WPLC June 25, 2012)

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