Monday, March 7, 2011

Wisconsin Public Library Consortium List Has Moved!

If you're wondering why you just got a "Welcome to the WPLC list" email when you were already a member, it's simple. The WPLC list has moved to a new host. The new address for the list is and the list information page is now at

Most of the archives are already there and we'll be updating it to include the most recent posts as soon as possible. There's currently an issue getting to any file that was sent as an attachment. Unfortunately the process which was supposed to update all of those links did not work correctly so links to attachments are still pointing to the old location. I'm still working on fixing that. Until it is fixed, you can right click on the link, copy the link location, paste it into the address bar and replace "" with "" and hit Enter. That will take you to the correct location.
(Cindy Weber, South Central Library System )

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