Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WiscNet Separating from UW - What Does It Mean?

Short answer? Business as Usual.


WiscNet staff and board members have been working toward internal changes that will allow the UW to maintain access to the affordable advanced networking services WiscNet offers. This will help the UW to overcome one of the many challenges it faces with the broad reaching legislation that went into the UW Budget bill last summer.

The changes to WiscNet will be virtually transparent to the libraries which indirectly utilize its services through WVLS membership. Even as a direct member, WVLS does not anticipate any changes to its service levels or membership fees at this time.

I'm sure that the WiscNet employees and other board members are as proud as I am to have been able to help WiscNet adapt in such a way that it is able to help taxpayers like your patrons and yourselves save hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of dollars by creating a legislatively compliant means for the UW to access high quality advanced networking services at a reasonable cost.

Joshua Klingbeil - IT Director
Wisconsin Valley Library Service

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