Monday, March 5, 2012

WVLS Board of Trustees in 2012

WVLS is governed by a 15-member Board of Trustees.  Each board member is appointed by their respective county board of supervisors to serve a 3-year term or to fulfill a term left vacant by someone who has resigned from the board.  The number of representatives from each county is based on county population.
The WVLS Board of Trustees meets approximately six times annually – routinely in January, March, May, August, September, and November.  At their January meeting, the board elects its 7-member Executive Committee, which may meet up to six times a year – as needed in February, April, June, July, October, and December.  All meetings are open to the public and most are held at the Marathon County Public Library.  Following is the 2012 WVLS Board of Trustees roster:
 WVLS Executive Committee                                 
·         PRESIDENT: Alice Sturzl, Forest County (term expires 12/2013)
·         VICE PRESIDENT: Doug Lay, Marathon County (term expires 12/2014)
·         TREASURER: Michael Otten, Marathon County (term expires 12/2012)
·         MEMBER: Kris Uhlig, Marathon County (term expires 12/2012)
·         MEMBER: Audrey Ascher, Marathon County (term expires 12/2013)
·         MEMBER: Tom Bobrofsky, Clark County (term expires 12/2014)
·         MEMBER: Paul Knuth, Oneida County (term expires 12/2013)

Other Members of the WVLS Board
·         Pat Pechura, Oneida County (term expires 12/2014)
·         Peg Jopek, Langlade County (term expires 12/2012)
·         Sandi Cihlar, Marathon County (term expires 12/2012)
·         Louise Olszewski, Clark County (term expires 12/2012)
·         Jim Backus, Marathon County (term expires 12/2013)
·         Eileen Grunseth, Taylor County (term expires 12/2014)
·         Vacant, Marathon County (term expires 12/2014)
·         Vacant, Lincoln County (term expires 12/2013)

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